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The Fine Art Auction is a global leader in providing first-class live art auctions, entertainment, live interviews with world-famous artists, behind-the-scenes art conversations, special events, and streaming videos from our team of art experts and curators.

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Watch us LIVE conveniently from your mobile device or desktop from anywhere on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evenings from 7 PM EST on our Website, (Meta) Facebook, or YouTube Channel.

Join us for the most entertaining, interactive, and immersive art experience available in the world. Attend live auctions from the comfort and convenience of wherever you are and be a part of the new art world.

Cutting-edge broadcast and digital technology has allowed us to bring our viewers and collectors the freedom to never miss a live auction or a Q&A with your favorite artist, as well as intriguing special events and live stream interviews with celebrity artists. The Fine Art Auction brings to you in 2022 the premiere of its series “New Art Fridays” and the acclaimed docuseries “The Street Art Festival,” an ongoing series featuring today’s renowned street artists. We will be behind the scenes at the world’s coolest art venues and art fairs, including on-site coverage of Miami’s Art Basel.

No other channel or platform brings you the variety of content we do. Welcome to an art marketplace unparalleled in its urban, contemporary, and masters collections – an artistic environment so captivating, entertaining, informative, and interactive that you will never want to leave. We are good with that.