The Fine Art Auction Channel is a ground-breaking entertainment platform. We bring to you the most significant contemporary and urban artists of our time, as well as the most-important 20th and 21st Century Artists and the venerable Masters.

The opportunity to explore Art and to be a part of a Live Art Auction is an Experience unlike any other.

No other channel brings to you the variety of content we do: It is captivating, entertaining, informative and interactive. Experience the first ever global channel dedicated to Art.

Tune in for our live Auctions, our in-studio Artists’ Appearances, our video features narrated by our experts and Curators in our unparalleled “behind-the-scenes” celebrity Artist interviews, and our continuing commitment to providing programs that foster emerging artists. Stand with us as we raise awareness and create philanthropic initiatives for communities in need, as we address crises and recognize heroes throughout our world. We use our cultural and artistic capital to help those in need, because together we can do what we cannot do alone.

The Fine Art Auction Channel presently enjoys a global audience of millions and has become the trusted platform that has allowed people, quite simply, to find and acquire Art they love. There is the thrill of the Live Auction experience, hosted by world-renowned Celebrity Auctioneers and Presenters Ray Taylor, Jordan Campbell, Mitch Carter and Richard English. Their careful curation of the artworks and their unparalleled knowledge have made them Icons in the genre, and have enabled people all over the world to become a part of the artistic & cultural movement that is The Fine Art Auction channel.

Join us in this global Art Experience, on broadcast television, on streaming platforms, on all of your devices and from the comfort of…….anywhere you choose.

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