Our long standing and distinguished team of Auctioneers, Art Experts and Curators here at The Fine Art Auction are, as always, quite excited and honored to bring to you Artists of great  technique and sophistication. Yulia Gusarova is one such Artist, and we are delighted to introduce her to our audiences and to our valued Collectors.  As in all our programming, we will share with you her works on a visual level, while also allowing our viewers to delve into her creative process.  That is the beauty of The Fine Art Auction Experience, an all encompassing and captivating channel dedicated to fine art education, entertainment and an art buying experience unlike any other.

The captivating works of Yulia Gusarova are the intersection of form + beauty.   Ms. Gusarova work’s can be monikered “Architectural Romance . One need only to glance at the works, to be unable to turn away.  A graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Ms. Gusarova is the embodiment of an Artist whose time has arrived: her works are setting the Art World on fire.

Yulia Gusarova (Ukranian, b.1993) A Day in Genova

The Fine Art Auction Channel live Auctions are an opportunity to really see the works of the young Modernist, for whose works art experts have remarked “This Artist is well on her way to major greatness: making a mark on Collectors : already a young Modern Master in the genre.”





“The path of my heart lives in imagining architecture, drawing, and painting ideas that express the passion by which I live every day. I want to create architecture that holds poise and allows its inhabitants to feel power and fortitude.”  The Artist