The Conversation: The Fine Art Auction’s Lucy Cowley sits down with Artist Craig Knight

As millions around the world know and experience each and every week, The Fine Art Auction brings to its audiences and its Collectors the opportunity to not only experience and be real-time participants in exciting live art auctions: we also broadcast live Artist interviews, features from across the globe, live reporting from the world’s foremost

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The Fine Art Auction welcomes Artist Rick Wolfyrd: aka Chroma

The Fine Art Auction is thrilled to announce the inclusion of Chroma to its’ roster of Artists. The importance of Chroma cannot be overstated. As an artist, sculptor, and visionary, he has left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, challenging convention, and inspiring audiences around the world. Through his innovative use of Huichol

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New Channel Announcement for Verizon Users: Don’t Miss Our Shows on 158!

Dear Valued Viewers, We are excited to inform you about an important update regarding our channel position and viewing schedule. Starting this Friday, June 7, 2024, our broadcast will be moving to Channel 158 on Verizon. New Schedule on Channel 158: Friday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight Saturday: 7:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight Sunday: 7:00

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The Fine Art Auction is thrilled to introduce Sarah Wall

The Fine Art Auction is thrilled to introduce Sarah Wall, the true definition of the new generation of female artists.  The daughter of famed American Impressionist Daniel Wall, Sarah has already created her own trademark style, which she has termed Nature’s Expressionism. The works of the Artist Prodigy capture nature’s purest forms of expression, enhances them, amplifies them, and

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Special Earth Day 2024 Broadcast: The Fine Art Auction Welcomes Photographer Filip Kulisev

The Fine Art Auction recognizes and honors Earth Day 2024 with an appearance by Filip Kulisev Monday, April 22nd The Fine Auction is thrilled to welcome renowned Fine Art Photographer Filip Kulisev to the broadcast. A Fine Art Inspiration to take action to protect our planet. As one of the most highly acclaimed, recognized and awarded

We’re Honored to Showcase the Extraordinary Talent of Modern Artist Yulia Gusarova

Our long standing and distinguished team of Auctioneers, Art Experts and Curators here at The Fine Art Auction are, as always, quite excited and honored to bring to you Artists of great  technique and sophistication. Yulia Gusarova is one such Artist, and we are delighted to introduce her to our audiences and to our valued Collectors.  As in all our

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The Fine Art Auction Presents: a Celebration of Its’ Female Artists in Honor of Women’s History Month

  As spring heralds new beginnings, The Fine Art Auction is thrilled to announce a special celebration of creativity, resilience, and talent: our inaugural Women's Art Weekend Event, happening March 22nd through 25th, 2024. This exclusive event is dedicated to the incredible women artists who bring beauty, thought-provoking ideas, and unique perspectives to the

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Our Renowned Auctioneer Ray Taylor Shines in Art World News

The Fine Art Auctions’ Ray Taylor is featured in the current issue of Art World News. Ray, notably one of the art world’s most important Auctioneers, is a trusted & renowned figure in the artistic space and has hosted the Fine Art Auction on television for many years. Mr. Taylor boasts over 30 years of

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The Fine Art Auction Presents: The Captivating Realism of Carrie Graber

Carrie Graber: California Modern Realism: Contemporary Contrast Light Perspective The Fine Art Auction consistently brings to its audiences startingly talented Artists and magnificent Artwork. We are thrilled to announce the Fine Art Auction’s premiere of the works of California Modernist Carrie Graber. Graber’s artwork transcends the canvas, becoming an experience, a moment frozen

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