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This interview with the Fine Art Auction’s Craig Knight was filmed live from the Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles where the Artist has been in residency: and notably; one of the most prestigious in-museum residencies in the world.

Urban Contemporary Artist Craig Knight, chosen from field of thousands, returns to the Museum for Studio Systems: An Experimental Project. This globally recognized, only one of its kind Residency for chosen Artists is spectacular and quite unique in that visitors can experience the Artists and their works in an immersive museum environment. Artists in Residency along with Knight included Clarisse Abelarde, Taylor Moon Castagnari, Raphaele Cohen-Bacry, Justine Di Fiore, Snezana Saraswati Petrovic, Ashton S. Phillips, Tania Salha, Gwen Samuels, Sarah Svetlana, Dilan Torres, Jacqueline Valenzuela

The Studio System Experimental Residency project is a unique attempt to bridge the gap between artistic practice and the public. First held in 2015, Studio System seeks to bring the dynamism of the artist’s studio into the museum space, encouraging audiences to not only see works as they are in progress but to interact with the artists to discuss inspirations, sources, thoughts, feelings, content, and context, as well as chart the progression of the works over the month- long period that the project encompassed.