Join us at The Fine Art Auction for an exclusive live event featuring the celebrated artist Shane Goudreau. Shane, renowned for his expansive murals and multimedia art, will be gracing our studio on December 16th and 17th. Witness his captivating work that fuses airbrush finesse with hand-painted acrylic precision, crafting pieces that resonate with both wonder and fantasy.

Last of the Crooners 2023

-Shane Goudreau Original aerosol and acrylic painting on canvas Signed

Baroque Woman Caressing Neck 2023

Shane Goudreau Original aerosol and acrylic painting on canvas Signed

Falling Deeply 2023

Shane Goudreau Original aerosol and acrylic painting on canvas Signed

Shane Goudreau’s artistry extends beyond the canvas; it’s an experience. His recent involvement in Miami Art Week, including a live painting session at The National in Miami Beach and a fashion show highlighting his edgy, art-infused sneaker line, exemplifies his versatile engagement with the arts. Shane’s spontaneous street murals and studio work both echo his deep-rooted passion for making art an everyday encounter. His creations do more than just resonate—they invite the viewer into a world where every street corner, canvas, and textile becomes a gallery of the public domain.

This weekend on The Fine Art Auction, prepare to be captivated as we present the exclusive reveal of Shane Goudreau’s latest masterpiece. Fresh off the vibrant energy of the renowned 2023 Art Fairs in Miami, Shane, a celebrated artist and master muralist, brings his unique vision straight to our studio.

In a spectacle of creativity and skill, Shane Goudreau took to the iconic National Hotel in Miami Beach, where he started a painting that would soon become the talk of the town. In front of an awestruck audience of hundreds, he wielded his brushes and colors, weaving a visual narrative that only a master could tell. And now, you have the exclusive opportunity to witness the grand unveiling of this incredible work.

Video Caption: Shane Goudreau Painting LIVE at The National Hotel, Miami – His latest masterpiece will be unveiled at The Fine Art Auction LIVE Dec 16th & 17th

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