As Enrichment is one of the three Pillars of our Core Values, along with Education and Great Art we want to encourage you to spend a Day at your local Art Museum or one that you can visit while on Vacation.

Here’s How:

  1. Take a picture of your admittance Ticket and or a Selfie in front of the specific Museum so that we can
    see the name
  2. Submit it to the email address or tag us on social media with hashtag #tfaamuse Enter as often as you like by going to as many Art Museums as you can in 2023! The Year of Kef!
  3. We place your picture on our website, on our Socials, place you on our “Honor Roll” of Museum attendees.
  4. Your name will be placed in a year end drawing for an Original Kef! Ceramic Charger and a separate dedication from Kef!